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Lumafirm Facial


Age Smart Facial


Retinol Facial


Resurfacing Peel Facial

European Facial


Relaxing Express Facial


Glycolic Facial


A thorough, deep cleansing treatment  that helps improve look, feel & health of skin

Lasts 1 hour


A thorough, deep cleansing treatment. Improves look, feel & health of skin

Lasts 45 minutes


Exfoliates and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and  pigmentation. Assists opening up and drying out active acne

Lasts 45 minutes


Redefines radiance and facial contouring for a firmer, tighter appearance

Lasts 90 minutes


Uses the latest technology to help hydrate, firm, smooth your skin and slow down skin's aging

Lasts ~75 minutes


Treatment specifically used to target    fine lines and wrinkles

Lasts 90 minutes


Resurfaces outer layer of skin to help minimize acne, age lines, and wrinkles


Face Scrub
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